Ryan Shephard

13 years of experience
Specializing in legal, DeafBlind/tactile/ProTactile, conference/platform, and education interpreting.
Certified Deaf Interpreter
Gallaudet University
Bachelor of Arts

Certified Deaf Interpreter since 2011, CLIP-R, from Oakland, California, graduated Summa
Cum Laude from Gallaudet University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in
Interpretation. While attending Gallaudet, I found my
passion for interpreting and all the career entails. During high
school, I was employed by a business owner who was DeafBlind and it
was there I was introduced to the DeafBlind community. As a result of
my becoming actively involved and volunteering in the DeafBlind
community during my collegiate years, I was awarded the
prestigious Blaise Wafo Ndetatsin Award.

I began my vibrant interpreting career working with DeafBlind
consumers, and continue to do so. Currently, I also specialize in
other diverse settings, including conference, platform, legal,
government, and educational interpreting. I have taught and
presented on various interpreting topics, including several dynamic
workshops focusing on the roles of CDIs and interpreting in legal